Remote Surf Resorts – The ultimate stoke July 7, 2015 – Posted in: People

Surfing is one of our favourite past times. We are blessed with living in a part of the world conducive with great waves and weather.

However of late I have wanted more. Typical first world problems here..not completely content with the paradise we live in..!!

Anyway..I have discovered several Resorts across the globe that have rocketed to the very top of my own bucket list.

These Resorts are geared towards surfers who want access to flawless waves with little crowds whist enjoying the creature comforts of home when the fun in the water is over for the day.

The following is a quick glimpse of my top three. They are in no particular order as I cannot pick a favourite. They are completely off the stoke-o-meter!

KANDUI Resort Mentawi Islands Indonesia

Kandui  resort is located within the mentawai islands. In order to get there you need to catch nearly every conceivable mode of transport to experience this idyllic spot. Its optimises the notion of remote resort!

There are only 8 villas on the island so it’s exclusive. Fresh seafood and cold Beers await your return from some seriously good breaks.



Chicama Surf Resort Peru.

The longest left in the world. As a goofy footer it’s seems like a surreal dream. A good wave can take you 2.2km. Lucky they specialise in massage and spa treatment. The travelling is not as extreme as KANDUI but you still need to jump on a couple of planes. But I guess that’s the point of a remote destination.

waves, chicama surf resort,annukka
chicama surf resort, annukka ,


Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort – Maldives.

The Maldives just had to make a mention in my top three. It could be easily number one. “Lohis” is a wave right out the front of the resort which is a world class left. The resort itself is 5 star with luxuriously fitted cabins and plenty of non surfing activities for families. There are a capped number of 45 surfers only at any one time at the resort which guarantees enough waves to completely gorge yourself on. There are plenty of Dhoni boats awaiting to take you to 6 other breaks in the area if Lohis isn’t working.

waves, maldives, surfing, annukka, organic cotton
maldives,surfing,annukka,organic cotton

Good luck at maintaining concentration for the time being..!

Such places, and the knowledge that they simply exist, for me, restores my perspective on life/work balance and the sheer beauty of the world around us.

Enjoy x

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