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So, as surfing is finely entwined into the fabric of what we are and ultimately what we represent, I felt compelled, even obligated to continue with another indulgent blurb on this profoundly enjoyable pastime.

However, today I did want to hone in on boards, the necessary vehicle, and more specifically my journey to Byron Bay’s Vouch Surf.

Vouch Surf are a small surf brand who produce high quality boards that are magic.

Evan Squirrel and Paul Hutchinson are the heroes behind Vouch. Evan is Vouch and is critical in design and ensuring all boards come out just right. Paul Hutchinson is a master craftsman that has been shaping since 1965 and his work is first class.

They are a superior team and their product is testament to that.

As with most small businesses, they are invariably discovered via word of mouth, as I did, after talking with the two nutters that live next door to us, Raf & Ari Browne. For a long time I was curious what their 1991 Ford Capri that had VOUCH plastered on the doors was actually all about.

I pulled Raf aside one day and asked the question about the story behind the “Vouch mobile”. His immediate response was, ” They make the sickest boards man”.

Raf & Ari are gun surfers and well respected in Byron Bay and abroad so I took what they said as gospel..

Long story short, I picked up a 9’2 Nose rider and was instantly besotted. Aesthetically it’s beautiful but the quality of ride was far and above anything I had experienced.  I was enlightened!

Since then I have picked up a 7’10 Rolled Vee 2 which is now officially my magic board. It can do no wrong and leaves me completely buzzed after every session.

Vouch has positioned itself as a brand of unsurpassed quality and service. Consequently we feel a synergy with Vouch and feel their virtues on business are the same as ANNUKKA.  

Upon reflection, I do feel that the essence of Byron Bay does play a starring role in businesses like ours, evolving such a unique perspective in our given industries and providing a enriched alternative to the mainstream.

Enjoy your day!

9'2 Noserider

annukka, vouch

Evan and Ari

vouch surf, annukka

Paul the Master

vouch surf annukka

Vouch mobile

vouch surf, annukka

7'10 Rolled Vee 2

vouch surf Annukka

Mr A. Browne

vouch surf annukka

Mr R. Browne

annukka vouch surf
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