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shipwreck bay

New Zealand…who knew?

I did know vaguely that New Zealand had something to do with the epic 60’s cult surf movie, Endless Summer but to what extent I had know idea. Considering the perception of freezing cold water and inclement weather, and regardless of the drawcard of surfing pioneers 50 years ago, the thought of catching a wave there had never crossed my mind.

Of course until recently. Matty, a stoic local who I surf with most mornings began raving about Shipwrecks Bay. He was adamant..”we have to go! It’s a world class left..you being a goofy footer will love facing this wave”!

Shipwreck Bay is located at the township of Ahipara, which is 4-5 hours from Auckland. It’s a extremely good left and and fires on a good West, South West swell. Ideal wind direction is south east. Bruce Brown the filmmaker of the endless Summer identified this when he took Mike Hynon and Bruce August there in 1966. These two Californian’s had the place to themselves as Surfing was simply non existence in those days within New Zealand. Something to the contrary now I believe as there can be, on a decent pulse, 100 plus surfers in the water!

Manu Bay, near Hamilton ,was also another spot due south from Shipwreck Bay these trail blazers landed and scored back in ’66!. Another world class left that has similar traits to “Shippies”. Good on a Southwest Swell and South east wind. Manu Bay is part of the Raglans which is a series of inlets and majestic coastline. It’s now a tourist mecca and rivals it’s northern neighbour for consistent brilliant surf.

manu bay

Such places are now on the family radar. Logistically it’s only 3 hours away on a plane, flights are cheap and accommodation as well. The landscapes are beautiful and there is plenty to do for a adventurous family like ours.

Coupled with all of this is the fact we are very proud to have our Annukka collections in Auckland, Methven and Matakana.

(see stockist page for details)

Certainly, we might need to venture there on a ‘business trip’ to see our lovely new stockists with our new upcoming collection and be sure to absorb some of these stunning beachscapes and landscapes throughout this idylic country.!

Have a great day!

J & N x

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