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Endless Summer..via NZ

shipwreck bay New Zealand...who knew? I did know vaguely that New Zealand had something to do with the epic 60's cult surf movie, Endless Summer but to what extent I had know idea. Considering the perception of freezing cold water and inclement weather, and regardless of the drawcard of surfing pioneers 50 years ago, the thought of catching a wave there had never crossed my mind. Of course until recently. Matty, a stoic local who I surf… Continue reading
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Bear Gryll’s Nemesis – ‘Glamping’

Nicole, my precious wife, and the brainchild behind Annukka, is just not the camping type. The Freezing cold, the bugs, sore back and the blatant lack of a civilised bathroom is enough to keep her firmly within the sanctuary of our Byron Bay old Victorian home. Behold.. there has been a revolution of sorts in recent years with the advent of the somewhat maligned ideal ( if you model yourself on Bear Gryll) which is… Continue reading
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Vouch Surf // God Bless Evan

So, as surfing is finely entwined into the fabric of what we are and ultimately what we represent, I felt compelled, even obligated to continue with another indulgent blurb on this profoundly enjoyable pastime. However, today I did want to hone in on boards, the necessary vehicle, and more specifically my journey to Byron Bay's Vouch Surf. Vouch Surf are a small surf brand who produce high quality boards that are magic. Evan Squirrel and… Continue reading
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Remote Surf Resorts – The ultimate stoke

Surfing is one of our favourite past times. We are blessed with living in a part of the world conducive with great waves and weather. However of late I have wanted more. Typical first world problems here..not completely content with the paradise we live in..!! Anyway..I have discovered several Resorts across the globe that have rocketed to the very top of my own bucket list. These Resorts are geared towards surfers who want access to… Continue reading
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Why Choose organic cotton??

Organic Cotton defines Annukka. It’s the cornerstone of our ethos and moral compass We feel some sort of responsibility to share the knowledge of what we have learned thus far in our journey. This post is simply a brief overview to prick your conscious and help you make a considered choice.   You may believe that Organic Cotton is that which has been woven without any other threads or bleaching/dying chemicals. You’d be forgiven for thinking that’s… Continue reading