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Nicole, my precious wife, and the brainchild behind Annukka, is just not the camping type.

The Freezing cold, the bugs, sore back and the blatant lack of a civilised bathroom is enough to keep her firmly within the sanctuary of our Byron Bay old Victorian home.

Behold.. there has been a revolution of sorts in recent years with the advent of the somewhat maligned ideal ( if you model yourself on Bear Gryll) which is ‘Glamping’…camping with the perks of home. You’ll commonly find a TV , Couch, sink ,double beds, bunks and even a microwave.

In the recent school holidays we treked off 45mins up the road to Kingscliff Caravan Park and rented this tent like structure. Its effectively a canvas tent that has been permanently fixed to a secure timber flooring and slab of concrete. No menacing weather front will budge this baby. We felt safe as houses in it..excuse the pun.

The verdict from Nicole and the ‘five star’ kids,  was a comprehensive thumbs up. We even booked for next year. Give me a sweaty sleeping bag and a can of baked beans in the bush anytime , but the reality is , happy wife…well you know the rest.

Be cool. Cheers.

Our Digs at Kingscliff Caravan Park


More flash option if your at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney!

glamping annukka
annukka kingscliff

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